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Butterfly in Bloom

Immerse yourself in the delicate essence of spring with Hanae Mori fragrances. Their floral and gourmet compositions evoke an exquisite olfactory blossoming.

In this season of renewal, let yourself be captivated by the Butterfly woman, flourishing like a blooming flower, her floral bouquet revealing a springtime harmony.

As for the Hanae woman, her boldness unfolds through irresistible red fruit notes, enticing a sensory adventure.

On the masculine side, the HM man sports a smile imbued with elegance, reflecting the positivity and energy of spring. Meanwhile, the HiM man embodies solar and wild originality, adding a touch of adventure to each day.

Whether you want to celebrate blooming femininity or assert masculine charisma, Hanae Mori fragrances are the perfect companions to accompany every moment of this spring season, when butterflies take flight.


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