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Hanae Mori Eau De Collection No.1 fragrance

Hanae Mori Eau De Collection No.1

Hanae Mori presents Eau de Collection No. 1, a limited-edition feminine fragrance of nature's own joy and brilliance, unbinding carefree days and nights with a blend of blooms and berries from Paris.

Contemporary, elegant No. 1 starts the new Eau de Collection series that draws upon sun and wind as energy and creative sources for the new decade.  

The vibrant No. 1 emblem on the packaging of No. 1, resembles a slash of Japanese ink upon rice paper, evoking the Japanese roots of the brand, named for Madame Hanae Mori, the first female fashion designer from Japan to conquer the Paris and New York runways.

  • The top note of No. 1 is crisp bergamot, contrasting blackcurrant, lively grapefruit and mulberry leaf.
  • The middle note is luscious blackberry, lilting jasmine, raspberry and white musk.
  • The bottom note is Indian sandalwood, fine amber and gentle vanilla.

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