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Hanae Mori Butterfly

A timeless fragrance of eternal spring

Since its launch in 1996, Butterfly is beloved for its lingering impression of vanilla (without a single vanilla ingredient in its formula). Madame Hanae Mori’s passion for the natural and the elegant is best embodied in this iconic scent that captures the essence of femininity with both polish and play. Forever fascinated by the memory of a butterfly alighting on her crib as a child, butterflies have reappeared throughout Hanae Mori’s canon of designs and now is recognized as one of the most timeless and cherished scents in the industry.

The embodiment of nature and cosmopolitan sophistication— Butterfly invites the wearer to experience the ultimate in femininity and freedom. Combined with a lush mix of wild berries, rare blooms and woodsy warmth, the fragrance is an enchanting counterpoint between Hanae Mori’s rural upbringing in pine-dotted southern Japan and her youthful exposure to Paris’ swirling elegance.

A linear fragrance with no beginning and no end, Butterfly brings to life the mix of East and West, energy and elegance, tradition and freshness. The bottle captures the silhouette of a dress with sides that feature a texture likened to the silk of Madame Mori’s designs. Each bottle is complete with a novel glass top—a rarity on a spray fragrance—that evokes the profile of closed butterfly wings.

  • Top Notes: Wild strawberries, sweet blackberries, blackcurrants and bilberries
  • Middle Notes: Bulgarian rose, ylang-ylang, jasmine and French peony
  • Base Notes: Rosewood, almondwood, sandalwood and cedar

Made in Paris, Butterfly is offered in Parfum, Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette strengths.

Perfect for fragrance application on-the-go and frequent travelers, Butterfly is also available in a chic rollerball - the ultimate accessory day or night.

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Brand: Butterfly


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