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Hanae Mori Parfums HM


HM - the first scent for Hanae Mori Parfums for men, but also beloved by women. Crafted with over 50 essences by perfume masters in Paris, HM is an example of sophistication written in fragrance. Learn about the history, the inspirations and the leaders behind this classic scent.


Hanae Mori Parfums HiM


The newest scent from Hanae Mori Parfums. Masculine and refined, HiM is hand-carved from nature. Own HiM and live the Hanae Mori Parfums proverb: "Fragrance accomplishes in moments what conversation achieves in hours."


Hanae Mori Parfums Butterfly


The signature scent of Hanae Mori Parfums, Butterfly is a linear fragrance composed of essences of berries, florals and woods. Hanae Mori Butterfly is inspired by the history and legacy of the revered haute couture Japanese designer, Madame Mori, also known as Madame Butterfly.

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