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About Madame Hanae Mori

Madame Hanae MoriMadame Hanae Mori is Japan's most internationally renowned female fashion designer and its most successful businesswoman in any industry.  She was the first Japanese woman to show her fashion collections on the runways of Paris and New York.  She is the only Japanese woman to be admitted to France's haute couture club.  In a long and distinguished career, fashion entrepreneur Hanae Mori has been awarded the Legion of Honor medal from the President of France and the Order of Culture medal from the Emperor of Japan.  Among her famed designs is the wedding dress of Crown Princess Masako of Japan. 

Hanae Mori's designs for day and eveningwear often feature as a design theme the butterfly, a creature of exquisite beauty and balance.  Hanae Mori is sometimes called "Madame Butterfly".

Today Hanae Mori makes her home in Japan.  She is the mother of two grown sons. 

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